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Your Local Supplier for Concrete Products in Yellowknife

Remember that your commercial building is just as good as the materials used in its construction! Without quality materials, it wouldn’t be long before your structure starts showing signs of wear and tear. Stop this by using quality concrete products from a trusted brand in the market. Our concrete professionals can help you choose the right materials for your project!


No Compromise on Quality

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CR Enterprises Ltd. spares no effort in fulfilling your concrete requirements. We can install your concrete surfaces and we also offer concrete products at affordable prices.

Our products include decorative concrete, gravel, concrete, and more. Rely on us for providing complete materials for any of your major, minor, or restorative concrete projects!


A Variety of Concrete Products

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Concrete mixing machine

Ready-Mix Concrete

Precast concrete slab

Precast Concrete

Truck dumping gravel

Aggregate delivery

colored concrete bricks

Concrete Slabs

Why Purchase Quality Concrete Products?

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When investing in concrete products for commercial, residential, or industrial construction projects, it always pays to give more importance to quality than quantity. By purchasing durable concrete materials from our shop, you can keep your building standing tall and strong for a long time. Here are some other benefits of buying quality concrete from us:

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Concrete structures, in general, are strong and durable enough to last decades. The concrete materials that we offer at our shop are industry certified and can withstand even the harshest of weather and heat with ease. With our quality concrete products, we ensure your safety as well as the longevity of your building.

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Reduced Costs

Thanks to their durability and resilience, concrete products cost comparatively less than other alternatives.

Working with our sister business, Ace Enterprises Ltd., we can complete your project from the ground up, reducing time and costs.

Concrete mixer

All Under One Roof

Since we offer both concrete services and products at one place, you won’t have to go around and look for different service providers. This results in less hassle and easy execution of the project. Moreover, you can trust our keen-eyed professionals to guide you about the suitable materials that give sound results!

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Need More Options?

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Our team can tell you all about the various products we carry!

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